Hi, we're Polygoat, an independent game studio, ready to take you on an adventure



Virtual, Augmented or whatever Reality.

Imagine yourself in a different world, be it in a simulation or training application, or in a mysterious alien planet. We use state-of-the-art technology to deliver breathtaking experiences.


Serious-, adver- or not-so-serious games.

Ranging from game design to a final product, be it on mobile platforms, web, PC or consoles. We believe all games should be fun and beautiful.


Using 3D technology to realize your ideas.

Ranging from 360 degree video to 3D scanned environments, the possibilities are endless. Get in touch to discuss your project and start your adventure.

About us

Polygoat is an independent game studio founded in 2017 and located in rustic Peer, Belgium.

Next to developing our inhouse projects we are also available for client work. We have gained experience in guiding customers from a to z, from specifying the requirements to deployment and support of the resulting application. Furthermore we also have a solid understanding of writing and managing grants (eg. VAF Game Fund).

Whether for our own or client projects, Polygoat stands for quality and workmanship, with a unique graphic style and high fun factor.